Canvas Launch


The door has been flung open for savvy marketers like yourself to capitalize on this newly released and profit producing opportunity!

Choose wisely and you could walk away with a COMMERCIAL LICENSE in 2 minutes from now, create your first video header in 10 minutes, and be selling it within the hour…

There has not been an opportunity to create a BUYING FRENZY from local businesses like we have right now with video headers, since the fanpage was first released to the world!  

We are talking about a FIRST TO MARKET movers advantage!  

WOWZA! You have DONE IT AGAIN by creating an awesome product that keep us AHEAD of the Marketing Curve... So simple yet powerful. Stand above the crowd and grab this amazing lil' software now; you won't regret it! 

- Mark Call, Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer at  

To top it off, these fan page video headers make you look like a Cutting Edge, Top Notch, Video Production Company that every business will want to work with.

Here's the challenge for most of us...


How the HECK are we supposed to create these videos? 

What size do they need to be? Some people are saying 1280x720, while others are saying 820x462 or 820x312.  


What is the appropriate size of video file and how long can the video be?  

Isn't it expensive to hire a videographer?  

Doesn’t it take a long time to get all the content collected?  

What about editing software… Which one should I use... iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut? The list is endless and the learning curve is ENORMOUS!  

Imagine with me for a moment….

What if you could produce these spectacular, high-quality video headers - WITHOUT loosing your mind with all the complexities of professional video creation?  

I am talking about eliminating the need for hours and hours of hard work and tedious video editing…

How about...

  • NO NEED to hire expensive video freelancer workers  
  • NO NEED to break the bank  
  • NO NEED to deal with all the frustrating editing decisions

And probably the most important piece of the puzzle…  

  • No Technical Skills or Degree Required!  

Proudly Introducing:  

Canvas by DropMock

Dazzling, professional, cinematic, high-quality Facebook Video Headers...


Check out how easy it is in our Awesome Video Demo:


And create Stunning, Professional Facebook Business Fan Page Video Headers that YOU can be proud of:

WITHOUT spending hours of hours of hard work and editing

Without having to hire expensive freelancers

WITHOUT breaking the bank

Without having to watch massive amounts of tutorials

We use video headers in our clients’ fan pages and websites because video (and reviews) are the two most powerful marketing elements online. Video is compelling and engaging, getting visitors to ‘stick’ on the page or website longer.

- Lowell Sheets, Marketing Magician and CEO at  

No degree, learning curve or technical skill required


Pick your template from our 20 slick, eye-catching ready-to-edit templates - produced IN HOUSE by our expert video production team.


Quickly and easily weave in your own content with one-click uploads of videos and images.

Easily weave in your own images and video clips into your Canvas Video Headers with just one click

Our designers went all out and have crafted the video templates to tell you exactly how many images, videos and text boxes are editable in each template. ​​​​​​​Meaning it’s quicker and easier than ever to customize your Canvas Video Headers.

Do you need photos to complete your Canvas Video Header Project for a client?

Add done-for-you video assets directly into your production with our integrated APIs.

Canvas seamlessly integrates with: 


Render your stunning video - WITHOUT taking up ANY space on your computer!

Store all your video creations on your personal Cloud inside your account on our servers and take up ZERO precious space on your computer.

The Future for Facebook Fan Page Video Headers is here and you can start right away by getting your hands on Canvas today  

Canvas Video Headers will absolutely stun your customers and have them begging you for more…

Canvas Video Headers will absolutely stun your customers and have them begging you for more…

 How Would You Like To Be Able To Sell And Profit From An UNLIMITED Amount of Canvas Video Headers?


After tearing our hair out at the insane value we would be giving you - we decided to reward your fast action taking with the ultimate first mover advantage.  

We are GIVING you - included in your investment today - a Commercial License.  

And with Facebook Video Headers being the HOTTEST commodity in Social Media right now -

Now is the PERFECT time to jump in and profit from this amazing right-now opportunity. People are SO excited to buy these Video Headers, when you show them what they can have - (And bear in mind it only takes you 5 minutes to make with Canvas!) They’ll be clamoring over themselves to give you their money. 

Most companies charge you a HUGE, premium up-charge for a Commercial License - after all, you’re taking the customers they could have for themselves.  

Here at Canvas by DropMock, we are giving you the unique opportunity to lock down customer after customer without the need to ever pay any additional license fees! 

All you need to do is sell one Canvas Video Header and it will double or triple your investment today​​​​​​​

Staying ahead of the competition in the fitness niche is a MUST. Especially when marketing your brand and using social media. Canvas by DropMock has allowed me to step up my fanpage without needing to be technically savvy. I love my video header!  

- FitTeen Maddy at  

Let’s Go Over EVERYTHING You’re Getting With Your Investment In Canvas Today:

  • The First and Only Facebook Video Header Creation Software On The Market
  • 20 Professionally Designed, Stunning, Streamlined Video Header Templates
  • Your Included Commercial License - Giving You The Ability To Sell An Unlimited Canvas Video Headers For Huge Profits
  • Hands On LIVE Training On How To Create, Sell, and DOMINATE Your Local Market With This FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE Opportunity!


Just one sale could pay more pay for your investment today! 


In fact, that’s chump change to hungry businesses who are crying out for their Facebook pages to stand out - and Canvas is exactly the way for them to do it.  

It’s an easy sell - you already know that.  

And the profits you can make by selling just one single header are easily ten times what you are going to invest today.  

By the time you’ve sold 30 video headers at $500 a go , you’re on your way to $15,000+. (Even at $250 a pop, you’re still making $7,500!) And even if you only sold 20 video headers - (you won’t, you’ll sell more!) - you’re now easily hitting $5,000…  

Canvas by DropMock is turning into your most profitable investment of 2017 - And paving the way for next year to be the most profitable of your life.  

But that’s the point, you have to act FAST.  

Like the Google Adwords craze, Facebook Ads Penny Clicks or even Bitcoin… Those who got in first profited the most. Maybe you’re full of regret from missing out on those opportunities - Or simply getting to the party too late. You’re reading this page at EXACTLY the right time. You’re lucky. For once, you’re in the right place at the right time. Just imagine how angry you would be with yourself if you let yet another profitable opportunity one get away from you. 

Especially one that only costs this little. We all know at least 1 business that could benefit from a show-stealing, eye-catching, competition-busting Facebook Video Header. And let’s be really frank - if you can’t sell 1 Facebook Video Header for the cost of your investment today… Then you probably shouldn’t be reading this page. Why? 


Canvas with Personal License

Canvas - Personal

Canvas with Commercial License

Canvas - Commercial

Canvas is brought to you by a Leader in our industry with a clear reputation for customer success.  


The DropMock brand has been looking after the video marketing needs of Marketers like you and their pockets for the past two years. Using and selling our quality software solutions our users have gone from strength to strength. We always deliver the highest quality software that is not just fully supported - but consistently tweaked for top performance, to ensure you have a seamless user experience and massively profitable results.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Will There Be Any Training?  

Absolutely yes. We want you to do 2 things with your Canvas Commercial License. #1: Make Awesome Video Headers. And #2: Sell Them By The Truckload For The Biggest Cash Possible! We understand that this is a First To Market opportunity - so with a new business opportunity comes the uncertainty on the most profitable way to do it, right? Not with us. People have been using and selling products from the DropMock brand for the past two years - and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with them. Our success stories our countless. We know what we are doing. So you are in safe hands. We are giving you a live training webinar to help you get up & running creating, selling, and getting results from your Canvas video headers in record time. PLUS, our series of simple-to-follow and easy-to-take-action training videos will always be there to guide you all the way to the bank with Canvas.

Can I Sell My Canvas Video Headers To Clients?  

100% YES! And not only can you - you WILL. That’s why we’re giving you a Commercial License. Canvas has been designed to help you create spectacular, mind blowing video headers for both yourself AND for profit. As soon as clients see the visually stunning video headers you have produced with Canvas - they’ll be getting out their cheque book before you can even tell them your price. Now you’ve got your Canvas Commercial License, you can create unlimited high caliber video headers for clients in any niche and sell them for as much as you like!

Will The Canvas Video Headers I Make Be Branded?  

Nope! We want you to go out and sell tons of Canvas Video Headers as your own. It’s your business. That way, the business owners you approach will think that you’ve invested thousands of dollars on your marketing or employ a huge team of design and video experts - and it’s ok - you can let them think that. You never have to tell them you just use Canvas. All you need to do is to take their cash.

How Many Canvas Video Headers Can I Make And Store?  

You can make as many Canvas video headers as you like and you can render up to 20 Canvas video headers every single month which will be stored in your Personal Canvas Cloud. Everything is stored on our servers, so you don’t even have to worry about your profitable creations taking up space on your desktop.